Ordering a spot is simple. You first must sign up for a client account which you can do by clicking "New Client Sign Up". Once you have your account browse through the Voice Vault to find a Jock of your choice. Once you have found your jock click "Order Spot" and follow the directions in the recording studio.

Yes. You can specify the amount of orders in the first page of the recording studio. We ask that you allow at least 30 mins per spot. So if you have 4 spots please set you deadline for no less than 2 hours from the time of your order.

We always want to satisfy our clients but we also must respect the work of our jocks. We do offer 2 revisions to your spot if you are un-happy with your recording but we must insist that after 3 recording if you are still dissatisfied that you place another order with a different jock.  Re-read requests are valid for 30 days from completion.

Voicejockeys.com does offer music and editing services maintained in-house. There is an extra fee associated with music and editing. Please contact customer support for additional pricing questions.

Voicejockeys.com only offers a full refund if the Jock has not started to record your spot. If the recording has started we must pay our jocks for their services.

oining the Voicejockeys.com team is simple. Go the "Jock Sign Up" page and submit your information along with your demo and a Voice Jockeys Representative will contact you.

If you have any other question please click here to contact us.

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